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Captains! With Season 11 just around the corner, we’re pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Chase Masterson (Leeta from DS9). This Tuesday, October 6th at 11AM PDT, we’ll be hosting the interview live on our Twitch.tv cha...
Published Oct 2, 2015
Want Epsilon to Win? Vote by Midnight on 10/3! You can vote by: Twitter - Tweet us with #TeamEpsilon Facebook - Post with #TeamEpsilon Forums - Submit your answer in our poll!   Want Theta to Win? Vote by Midnight on 10/3! You can...
Published Oct 1, 2015
Each we’ll be rolling out additional rewards for the Featured Episode “Midnight.” Last week’s reward was the Sol Defense Covariant Shield Array. The final reward is the Nanite Repair Matrix Space Trait. In addition, the first com...
Published Oct 1, 2015
General: Resolved an issue which was occasionally causing maps to crash.   Known Issues: The R&D Daily mission for Cannons incorrectly rewards Argonite Gas. Some players are not able to reclaim the Breen Chel Grett and the Dys...
Published Sep 30, 2015
The Terran Task Force is a joint venture between the Klingon Empire, Romulan Republic, and United Federation of Planets. These forces are working together to prevent the Terran Empire’s invasion of our Universe. Using technology origin...
Published Sep 30, 2015
After some unavoidable small talk Sela began to withdraw from the conversation. "Don't make eye contact," she recalled her father's advice with a twinge, "wear a neutral expression. Listen. Always listen." His advice had served h...
Published Sep 29, 2015
During your captain’s meteoric rise through the ranks, you have taken command of dozens of different starships, and facilitated the advancement of countless crewmens’ careers. As an Admiral / General / Subadmiral, the administration ...
Published Sep 29, 2015
A growl of frustration echoed through the translucent walls of the design project room. Lieutenant Whetu’s PADD clattered off the table as she flung it with annoyance. She paced back and forth, her loose black hair’s disarray reflect...
Published Sep 25, 2015
From now until 10AM PDT on Monday, September 28th, 2015, we are having a 20% ship sale. Have you been eyeing a new ship in the C-store? Now is the time to grab the ship you've always dreamt of commanding! All ships in the C-Store ...
Published Sep 24, 2015
Now that your Fleet is developing its own Research Lab, undertake special, limited time projects to change its look! Beginning on September 24, the "Social Structure" project will increase the ambient population of your Research Lab. T...
Published Sep 24, 2015


strelka Don posted Wed at 2:53  -  Star Trek Online




Greetings Ausmonauts, will be conducting separate Build and Mission nights once a month as well as one special event. October will consist of the following;


9th October (FRIDAY) Basic Builds Night – VADM Bolta – Fleet Starbase 2030 AEDT

All new players are encouraged to come, VADM Bolta will be presenting a simple TAC DPS Build for level 40-50 players. There will be a Q&A session after where you can ask question on the presented build or any other builds you may want to know about.


10th October (SATURDAY) Mission Brief: ISA – VADM Bolta – Fleet Starbase 2030 AEDT

As part of the Fleet mission brief VADM Bolta will be running new players through the current mission brief of ISA as well as the mission itself, all players are welcome.


31st October (SATURDAY) Halloween Party – ADM Strelka – DS9 2030 AEDT

Come along to DS9, dress up as scary as you can as we go trick or treating on the Promenade deck, prizes, giveaways and more, best costume and maybe some ground PvP…. Anything can happen….


ADM Strelka




Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for this amazing opportunity.

This guild is founded on our trust and the confidence in each other. The Ausmonauts will always be online and will always be present in all the key areas of the game. We will operate with honor within our fleet, with our equator allies, with our armada friends and with others.

But the heart and soul of the Ausmonauts STO Fleet is you, our people. Every day in all parts of the world, you can be found online. You are smart, resourceful, committed individuals who want to be part of something special, to be part of a high-performing group. You are rightly proud of who you are and you are a formidable force.

You joined this fleet to go into battle with us. In return for this commitment, we must provide an active fleet where you can all thrive and reach your highest potential.

We will do this by running at least one special event every month, as well as a monthly separate build and mission training nights, we aim to help and educate your on captaining skills, manoeuvres and tactics for any particular situation.

The muscle and bones of the Ausmonauts Fleet are our ships, we will endeavour to assist all players in reaching their ships true potential. With help crafting weapons, consoles, starship equipment, which Bridge officers and Duty Officers to use, with these highly capable, well equipped builds, we will make you ready to take on any mission.

Finally, you demand, as you should, that we, the leadership, execute our jobs worthy of your confidence in us.

It is a privilege to fight with, and especially to build this group with such a capable and creative group of people. Despite growing challenges and significant strains, you continue to go online to do what must be done. You learn faster, adapt quicker, and fight harder than any other fleet.

The Griefing fleets, which now frequent the shadows and dark places, should be in no doubt that we are their nemesis and that we are here to bring about their rightful destruction. I will expect in time that in every encounter we will wipe them out.

Those forces arrayed against us will be destroyed, and as they fall, they will know their deeds have brought them to this. Show them no pity. But as you are ferocious in battle remember to be magnanimous in victory.

The bottom line is that in any situation, in any competition, and certainly in any fight, Ausmonauts expect their Fleet to win – and we will.

I am extremely proud to be part of this amazing fleet. I will honor and strengthen the bonds of trust and confidence we share, and that make our Fleet the strongest that has ever sailed in STO.



Admiral Strelka

Fleet Executive Officer


On behalf the officers, I'd like to start by thanking Pinky for his five years of dedication to the leadership of this community. While we know him and love him for his time in Ausmonauts, his leadership of this particular group of gamers extends back well into STO's earliest days, in the Australia New Zealand Allied Command. He will always have my respect and thanks for his guidance during that time, and his are extremely large shoes that are not easily filled.

Should you see Pinky - I ask that you extend your own gratitudes individually. He has more than earned it.

Pinky leaves us for all the right reasons - We wish him well with a wonderful young family, and a ballsy foray in to his own, new business.

To the matter of today, with the departure of leaders comes the arrival of new ones, and so it is my pleasure to announce that Strelka has been promoted to the rank of Don, with all the rights and privileges that entails. (As only Captain Picard could put it: "May God have mercy on his soul.")

Congratulations, Strelka!

Strelka will continue to command Fleet Planning and Intelligence as we work with the Consiglieres to examine the current organisation of the officer corps. Additionally, Strelka will take on the role of Fleet Executive Officer.

Further, I would personally like to re-iterate the support I have for the Consiglieres and the brilliant job they do of running this fleet. The four Consiglieres I had to choose from for this position would each have brought something excellent to the role of XO, and it is a decision that took several weeks to settle after Pinky first notified the Dons of his intention to step down.

The promotion of anyone to Don is not done lightly nor easily. All four of them would have brought dedication to the role, but at this time - it is unfortunate that only one could be chosen.

I expect nothing less than for Strelka to be tormented by this fleet as you continue to remind him of his obligation to Harden The F$%! Up.


Fleet Commander

Warriors of the Empire...

slanze Consigliere posted Aug 18, 15

Imperial Ausmonauts is preparing to slot its next-to-last Tier 5 project - the Communications Array.

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