Ausmonauts Action Report 2018-02-11

February 11, 2018
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February 11, 2018 Lostpinky

Ausmonauts Action Report 2018-02-11

Introducing the Ausmonauts Action Report, a regular blog entry to provide members with highlights from within the Ausmonauts and the games we follow.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

With more and more people joining us for our efforts in SWTOR, the Ausmonauts have decided to open up recruiting again for our dark side guild, the Imperial Ausmonauts. If you are interested in joining us in a galaxy far, far away then jump onto Discord and leave a message in the Ausmonauts chat channel with “Looking to join #StarWars”.

Currently the guild is running regular 4 person Flashpoints and we are almost at the stage we can start running regular 8 person Operations.

Star Citizen

Ausmonauts Events

Over the last two weeks we’ve been trying to sort out the logistics and operations for our regular events. It has been a bit hit and miss and we send our apologies to those members who have been disappointed by the issues.

The plan is to hold regular Wednesday and Friday night events as mentioned in this blog last week. Wednesday night events are locked in as Star Marine and will focus on the FPS aspect of Star Citizen.

Friday nights will be Universe and focus on exploration of and surviving in the Star Citizen Universe. The final details for Friday night events have not be resolved so check back regularly for updates.

Want to be part of the action?

Click the link to the right to get to our Discord chat server.

Click Here.


In probably the biggest news this week, SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy Rocket. Congrats to SpaceX and another successful step to humanity’s future in Space.

Many Ausmonauts caught the live stream and a lot of YouTubers did a lot of great streams that morning. See the video stream below to catch up on the action from SpaceX.


Upcoming Events

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