Ausmonauts Member Blogs: macka58

March 1, 2018
March 1, 2018 macka58

Ausmonauts Member Blogs: macka58

Hello Everyone,

macka58 here to give you the inside news from the Ausmonauts.

We started our Star Citizen Wednesday Night Shoot’em up’s again, however with the issues in Star Marine we have turned it into our training night for those who want to learn the new 3.0 game play mechanics. This means we could be playing any game from Star Marine, Arena Commander to PU and Racing.

We have listened to everyone’s feedback to build up our Friday night player numbers and have a regular night to play with the Ausmonauts and other Organisations. So, we are changing the format of our current Friday Night to a new Friday ‘Into the Unknown’ Night where inter-club competitions are scheduled to start up (you can find details here:, so please come along, have fun and be ready to get shot in the face. Friday Nights will also be a combination of Star Marine, Arena Commander, Universe and Racing. It will be an open night like it used to be!

As one of our new Friday Night features, we will be starting up a “Capture the Base” mode which will be played either on ships or planet side. This game play mode is based off the typical “Capture the Flag” mode which most people are familiar with. There are additional game types we have decided upon as well and they are found in the event calendar.

That’s all from me this time, finally some big thanks go out to Lostpinky for the new web site design.

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