Ausmonauts Member Blogs: Lostpinky

March 3, 2018
March 3, 2018 Lostpinky

Ausmonauts Member Blogs: Lostpinky

For many people, computer or console gaming has become an important part of their world. Each night, they come home from school or work, do any chores, have something to eat and then login… Actually sometimes they login to enjoy the time they eat. When the weekends arrive they have a good amount of time to do that next quest, try that hours-long team event or grind their way to that next bit of equipment.

Then you start to get older, real life kicks in, your time becomes more precious. You miss the days or nights playing your favourite game and laughing with those who you have become friends with online. Partners, kids, work, study all conspire to prevent you from doing the things you love. For some, this is a depressing reality. For others this may be a fate to come.

In an attempt to claw back some of what you lost and stay in contact with those you call friends, you try to find ways to do more small things that don’t involve large amounts of time dedicated in front of your gaming machine of choice.

Then real life kicks you to the curb…

Things at work go wrong, your home life becomes difficult, your exams were horrendous and you just feel you need to escape it all. It is at this time when you turn back to your online world in the hope you find some relief.

That’s when having a stable club like the Ausmonauts becomes important!

Over the years, we have dealt with the loss of those who felt they had nothing. We have survived the mechanisms of those who would destroy the ideals we started with and we were not afraid to walk away knowing that when we returned there would be a place for us to come back to and be welcomed.

As a founding member of this group, I have felt at times that keeping this group together is hard work. It is. It is also one of the best experiences of my life. I now find that the skills I learnt, by being a member of the Ausmonauts, are proving to be useful in my career and day to day life.

This experience is something I hope that everyone can share. Both the good times and the bad. Through all of it, I hope you come out stronger and better equipped for your daily life. If it wasn’t for the people and experiences I have been exposed to in this guild, I don’t think I would have been able to do the things I have done in my off line world.

As you have read this far, I hope you remember, we started off the Ausmonauts with the motto: “Grab a mug of concrete and harden up.” and while we may not say it as much today as we used to, I believe the intent behind those words has remained with us. This is the reason we have fought hard this last year to ensure that this community survives and prospers.

The friendships you can discover and the support you can find, only happen when you are willing to get to understand the people you play with and have the patience and the willingness to keep trying. It is this lesson that will help you throughout everything you do in your life.

Good luck and have fun!



One of the founding members of the Ausmonauts and lead web developer.
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