Ausmonauts Member Blogs: macka58

March 15, 2018
March 15, 2018 macka58

Ausmonauts Member Blogs: macka58

It’s macka58 back with some personal experience in the game for this week…

With another week passing, I am waiting for a game reset due to the Vehicle bugs that have spawned as dud ships. I am on my personal best of 12 Starfarer’s spawned as empty hulls with no ship consoles, doors, engines or guns to be found. While the biggest pain is that it is happening to most of my ships now. Not only that, my luck with Arena Commander still has it spawning me in with no ship or character visible.

This week I will be providing a game update of what is coming up in 3.1. If you have had a look at “Around the ‘Verse” (ATV) over the previous weeks, a lot of the updates are at the polishing stage or ready to go. So, let’s start with the Character Customizer, which will let you change the face we have been looking at since the start of the game, with a range of different features now (no option for a woman character yet). Also helmet lights should work inside and out now with no more hats in the helmet.

Next are Planets, which will start to look better now with the engine improvements talked about in ATV on 09/03/2018, linked below. Flight Control System balance and tuning (so your ships will handle and jump better now). Ship Weapon balance, should work and look better with a plan for more guns to come as well. Ship Damage has had overhaul too with the plan to not break into small parts now but big parts now so you can move in and around the wreaks now looking for parts to be claimed personal use or sale.

MobiGlas has big changes to the Personal Manager and will be in the next update to allow us to make the change of armor, clothes and guns easier. Some of the change options will be on new displays in your helmet. Speaking of displays… ship displays have had a big rework and most displays you look at have had change for the better now. With new HUD displays you will be able to pick and choose up to six new display and their they are placement. A new communication (comms) screen is ready for ships and MobiGlas and are faceware ready now.

Soon aUEC will come into play, with Service Beacons going live. You will be able to set a beacon (distress call) for other players to either find you for transport or rob you! This will become the pirates favourite ambush! Service Beacons will be a big part going forward as escort, refuelling and repair will be in 3.2.

The new ships/vehicles are about 75% complete and if you have been watching ATV they look ready to walk through. The Aegis Reclaimer is looking good and it is going to take a few hours to learn to fly. Terrapin look like it can tackle most jobs, while ATV had a quick look at this ship showing the take-off motor, landing gear and turning 90 degrees for flight.

Most of Grim Hex is ready including the new feature of PU racing, where betting on racing will be provided (Bookies are ready for your aUEC). Razor fans, the racer is ready for racing around the Moon of Yela!

Finally, the Cyclone is ready to drive, however racing is still to be set up with track racing yet to come. There’s not much to report in the PU this week, however we had a great Friday night chat with everyone that came along and we hope to see you all again once the game is stable to play again.

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