Ausmonauts Member Blogs: macka58

March 22, 2018
March 22, 2018 macka58

Ausmonauts Member Blogs: macka58

Well a new week and not much to say for Wednesday night. The event being a bust, with my game and others still not working properly, the Shoot ’em Up! was also limited with the number of people that showed up. Friday night was a true Shoot ’em Up between myself and Shinji. Shinji won this time, my ping is finally getting better now thanks to the the NBN. Latency is approaching 40ms now down from from 600ms, a great improvement for me, as Star Marine still works!

Next, this week’s “Around the Verse” was titled Reclamation Now and saw a new installment of Ship Shape, looking at the Aegis Reclaimer (I am calling mine – Big Dog) and the Tumbril Cyclone. Check it out below.

The Aegis Reclaimer, will be the biggest ship in game so far! Six stops on the elevator from top to bottom. It’s so big, it needed the landing pads to be enlarged to fit this ship! What a monster! With eyes that can light up in the  front, claws that grab and hold, lasers to cut things to small pieces, offspring (drones) to seek and grab parts that they can retrieve, gun, cooler, generator and other small parts to store, then sell later. The claws have been turned off for 3.1, it is also going to take a few hours to learn to fly this ship. According to CIG, five people are needed to run this ship, in my opinion seven would be better, one engineer and one repairer for breakdowns and yet it only sleep’s five.

In policed area’s this ship could look after itself, but in deep space I would want a battle group of three ships at least.

  1. Terrapin for scouting
  2. Super Hornet to patrol
  3. Cutlass Black or Freelancer for transporting of scrap

Next up we have the Tumbril Cyclone, which will just be the cargo carrier version in 3.1 but more functionality will come in 3.3 with the combat variant (TR), the racing variant (RC), the anti-aircraft variant (AA), and the reconnaissance variant (RN) added into the game. The Banu Merchantman is in final grey box stage but still has work required to do with interior design to be OK by Chris Roberts.

The F8 has had front end changes again by Chris Roberts, the Vanduul Blade fighter and the Anvil Aerospace’s Terrapin are in the final finishing ready for 3.1 and 3.2.

Finally, Astro is back now after his big move and that’s all from me for this week.

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