Ausmonauts Action Report: 2018-03-30

March 30, 2018
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March 30, 2018 Lostpinky

Ausmonauts Action Report: 2018-03-30

Happy Easter

For those who celebrate it, Happy Easter.

Sunday the 1st of April is also a trifecta of events.

  • Easter Sunday
  • April Fool’s Day
  • End of Daylight Savings for Australia’s East Coast

Good Luck with the kids Sunday morning.

Stephen Hawking

This month we were saddened to hear of the passing of renowned cosmologist Professor Stephen Hawking. For 50 years, he was an inspiration to scientists everywhere.

His daily battle with motor neurone disease did not stop him providing insights to mysteries which we are just now starting to observe. May he gain ever greater understanding of this vast universe in whatever journey he has now embarked on. Rest In Peace.


Star Citizen

Performance and Optimisation

With the issues people have been having playing at our Wednesday and Friday night events, its good to know that the developers have been spending time working through the backlog or bugs and improving the performance.

On Reverse the Verse, the guys went into details about some of the work they are doing to ensure the game performs a lot better in the next patch.

Speaking of the next patch, current info has release set for April. Once it has been released we will assess the game and get back into the game nights we gave planned in the event calendar.

World of Warships

With the issues in Star Citizen, it was a good chance for me to jump in on the World of Warships guys.

Listening to the clan battles was awesome fun and a hilarious night with the smack talk going on.

Special thanks to Jonito and Hound for organising the clan battles each night and if you are interested in joining in, check out the Events calendar for the next match time.

Bar Citizen

Saturday March 10th 2018, saw Star Citizen backers in Sydney meet up for Bar Citizen.

Special thanks goes out to our very own Astro for helping to organise this event.

Revek and I attended and met up with members of Brotherhood of the Mercenary and LAMP.

The main topic of the night, besides Star Citizen, was the hope that developers from Cloud Imperium Games Corp would make it out here again to meet the fans some time soon.

The organises also held a raffle for items from Star Citizen such as ship brochures for the upcoming Origin 600i.



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