November 13, 2018 Astro

Macka’s Blog Hello Everyone, 3.3.0 is live and working well

Hello Everyone, 3.3.0 is live and working well which includes a lot of new ships, weapons and components to play with.
We are at the point now where we would like to see more members coming into Star Citizen so we people can start playing in the larger ships like the Hammerhead and 600 fully crewed.
Within these large ships are different consoles that can be manned so everyone can play a roll rather than being a passenger.
Crashes are still there; however crash handling is now a lot better. Just log back in and press the [ key on the keyboard and you are back to where you were then.
This allows you to return to a ship if you were on it to return to the ship and continue on with your game rather than loosing everything you had collected.
Saturday Nights are now a lot more fun with how the system has improved how we can now all get together as a group with the invite system. With over Saturday nights having up to 8 players in group. Much fun is had in transporting our members in getting fitted out with Guns, Armor, Ship Weapons and Ship Components from the different shops in Levski, Grim Hex and Port Olisar.
If you are a fan of Energy Weapons then Grim Hex should be your first stop. If you want a mix of Energy and Ballistic Weapons then Levski is your shopping destination. Armor plays the same way different locations have shops that specializing in their own brand of gear so there is a lot to explore.
What am I saying after all this, well I am saying that the fun times are just starting and if you do join us for a Saturday Night adventure let your mates know as the fun is just getting starting with the AUSMONAUTS.


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