December 1, 2018 Astro

Macka’s Blog – Well how are you all?

It’s been great to see everyone in discord through the day and Night.
Great to see so many playing star citizen because of the sales,
Lorville is a pain in the ass to land at!
Then to get to the train and go to the expo

it is great to see all the new ship’s
with one day of free rentals of all flyable ships each day from the Manufacturers.

There have been two new ships introduce the Anvil Aerospace – Arrow

and the Aopoa -San’tok.yāi


and a sneak peak of the new 300I and the Monster the Idris

With three floors to walk around it!
This ship is not little the landing gear foot is the size of a Drake Cutlass! As well the Anvil F8 Heavy fighter

Well Friday night is here again Great to see Both Old and new Ausmonauts coming  in to Play 3.3.6

see you in the PU  guys and girls more to come!
Remember to pop into Discord



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