Well it’s coming to the end of year guy’s

December 19, 2018
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Well it’s coming to the end of year guy’s

Star Citizen 3.4 is almost out live soon! And everybody that has come along on Friday night has had a ball with the new ship’s in game .
The new group favorite is the  Hammerhead it is a heavy gun ship in game now, it’s the biggest and the baddest ship in game with all it’s guns
and we have been having a ball with this ship as a group in game. 

The game is a lot more stable now with new ships new jobs and shops and new tasks as well now, mining with the Prospector is fun.

Tumbril Cyclone scramble racing are fun for the racing inclined!

There is a lot of new ship coming through now, all the new Freelancer variance are out with 3.4 .

For the FPS there are new armor and guns now, the top guns flyers have not missed out as well with new ships and new gun as well too!

With the Christmas holidays coming I hope we will see you in P.U have a look and a play guys and girls it’s not the game you played in the past now you have to work the ships now to keep them going now you will see what mean !

Macka58 have a good Christmas and a good New Year ALL THE BEST! Later….

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