Administration Board

Members responsible for governance of the club across all games, platforms and interactions.

Marketing and Media Department

Members responsible for promoting the image of the Ausmonauts through our interactions across all platforms as well as for handling tech support across all platforms.

Game Executive Team

These are the members who manage individual games, they form the game executive team reporting to the admin board regarding issues across multiple games and the club as a whole. As well as managing their individual game concerns and membership.

Game Leadership Team

Each game has its own ranking system and structure, members at this level make up the remainder of the leadership for their particular game.

Game Membership

The bulk of the Ausmonauts membership can be found scattered across various games and in this level. Once you have passed probation you are made a member. Members have access to more secure communications channels and club information.


New members who wish to join our club start as recruits. The probation is 2 months from the date of application acceptance.

Diplomatic Associates

Interested in establishing a relationship with the Ausmonauts in any of the games we play? Do you represent a gaming community, youtube channel, twitch channel or game developer? Join our community as part of this level.