All members have the rights:

  • To play any game in any manner that does not contradict these regulations, without prejudice or discrimination.
  • To abandon play at any time to handle any unexpected real life issue. Real life comes first always.
  • To offer an opinion, and have it be heard by the administration board.
  • To hold membership in another guild, (Provisional on the condition that there is no hostile intent to the Ausmonauts or our allies.)
  • To contact any member of the administration board or game executive team, in order to bring queries, problems, or issues to their attention.
  • To leave the Ausmonauts at any time of your own accord.


All members understand and accept the following responsibilities, and commit to upholding them throughout their membership:

  • Be respectful of the club, its members and allies, and always deal in good faith with other players.
  • It is understood that people have personal conflict sometimes, but the Ausmonauts expect members to harden up and build a bridge. If there is an issue that cannot be resolved directly raise it with the game executive team, and if it cannot be resolved still then raise it to the administration board.
  • Never cheat or use performance enhancing programs.
  • Don’t be a dick and don’t stir up drama.
  • (And this is the most important) Remember to have fun.


Unacceptable conduct is defined, but not limited, to the following:

  • The posting of malicious links, inflammatory messages, advertisements, pornographic material, or spaming either in-game, on Discord or the website.
  • Abusive or discriminative behaviour such as trolling, religious or sexual discrimination etc will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • Anti-social behaviour that ostracises or excludes members from events, teams, missions, activities etc.
  • Granting unauthorised access to Ausmonauts website or in game assets.

Except in extreme cases of betrayal or anti-social behaviour, members will be given no less than 3 separate warnings (one verbal and two written) for inappropriate conduct and if there is a failure to heed those warnings then they will be removed from the Ausmonauts.