Ausmonauts Member Blogs: macka58

Well a new week and not much to say for Wednesday night. The event being a bust, with my game and others still not working properly, the Shoot ’em Up! was also limited with the number of people that showed up. Friday night was a true Shoot ’em Up between myself and Shinji. Shinji won this time, my ping is finally getting better now thanks to the the NBN. Latency is approaching 40ms now down from from 600ms, a great improvement for me, as Star Marine still works!

Next, this week’s “Around the Verse” was titled Reclamation Now and saw a new installment of Ship Shape, looking at the Aegis Reclaimer (I am calling mine – Big Dog) and the Tumbril Cyclone. Check it out below.

The Aegis Reclaimer, will be the biggest ship in game so far! Six stops on the elevator from top to bottom. It’s so big, it needed the landing pads to be enlarged to fit this ship! What a monster! With eyes that can light up in the  front, claws that grab and hold, lasers to cut things to small pieces, offspring (drones) to seek and grab parts that they can retrieve, gun, cooler, generator and other small parts to store, then sell later. The claws have been turned off for 3.1, it is also going to take a few hours to learn to fly this ship. According to CIG, five people are needed to run this ship, in my opinion seven would be better, one engineer and one repairer for breakdowns and yet it only sleep’s five.

In policed area’s this ship could look after itself, but in deep space I would want a battle group of three ships at least.

  1. Terrapin for scouting
  2. Super Hornet to patrol
  3. Cutlass Black or Freelancer for transporting of scrap

Next up we have the Tumbril Cyclone, which will just be the cargo carrier version in 3.1 but more functionality will come in 3.3 with the combat variant (TR), the racing variant (RC), the anti-aircraft variant (AA), and the reconnaissance variant (RN) added into the game. The Banu Merchantman is in final grey box stage but still has work required to do with interior design to be OK by Chris Roberts.

The F8 has had front end changes again by Chris Roberts, the Vanduul Blade fighter and the Anvil Aerospace’s Terrapin are in the final finishing ready for 3.1 and 3.2.

Finally, Astro is back now after his big move and that’s all from me for this week. latest website updates 2018-03-21

Welcome to our latest website release: 201803.003

In this release we’ve made the following changes…


  • The social icons at the bottom of the page have been swapped to allow for additional types of media.
  • Registered users can submit blog posts for review and publication from the “My Account” menu.
  • View your profile and add your social media ids.
  • “Contact Us” is now expanded with the different media you can find us in.

New Features

  • Countdown Widget, counting down to our 7th anniversary. Stay tuned for news on


  • Changes to the menu system now allows for multiple menu levels. Previously multi level menus would reload the page when clicking on the top most item.

Removed Features

  • Support System 1.0 has been removed. A new version is in the works to be released later this year.

If you find an issue please message Lostpinky via Discord.

Ausmonauts Member Blogs: macka58

It’s macka58 back with some personal experience in the game for this week…

With another week passing, I am waiting for a game reset due to the Vehicle bugs that have spawned as dud ships. I am on my personal best of 12 Starfarer’s spawned as empty hulls with no ship consoles, doors, engines or guns to be found. While the biggest pain is that it is happening to most of my ships now. Not only that, my luck with Arena Commander still has it spawning me in with no ship or character visible.

This week I will be providing a game update of what is coming up in 3.1. If you have had a look at “Around the ‘Verse” (ATV) over the previous weeks, a lot of the updates are at the polishing stage or ready to go. So, let’s start with the Character Customizer, which will let you change the face we have been looking at since the start of the game, with a range of different features now (no option for a woman character yet). Also helmet lights should work inside and out now with no more hats in the helmet.

Next are Planets, which will start to look better now with the engine improvements talked about in ATV on 09/03/2018, linked below. Flight Control System balance and tuning (so your ships will handle and jump better now). Ship Weapon balance, should work and look better with a plan for more guns to come as well. Ship Damage has had overhaul too with the plan to not break into small parts now but big parts now so you can move in and around the wreaks now looking for parts to be claimed personal use or sale.

MobiGlas has big changes to the Personal Manager and will be in the next update to allow us to make the change of armor, clothes and guns easier. Some of the change options will be on new displays in your helmet. Speaking of displays… ship displays have had a big rework and most displays you look at have had change for the better now. With new HUD displays you will be able to pick and choose up to six new display and their they are placement. A new communication (comms) screen is ready for ships and MobiGlas and are faceware ready now.

Soon aUEC will come into play, with Service Beacons going live. You will be able to set a beacon (distress call) for other players to either find you for transport or rob you! This will become the pirates favourite ambush! Service Beacons will be a big part going forward as escort, refuelling and repair will be in 3.2.

The new ships/vehicles are about 75% complete and if you have been watching ATV they look ready to walk through. The Aegis Reclaimer is looking good and it is going to take a few hours to learn to fly. Terrapin look like it can tackle most jobs, while ATV had a quick look at this ship showing the take-off motor, landing gear and turning 90 degrees for flight.

Most of Grim Hex is ready including the new feature of PU racing, where betting on racing will be provided (Bookies are ready for your aUEC). Razor fans, the racer is ready for racing around the Moon of Yela!

Finally, the Cyclone is ready to drive, however racing is still to be set up with track racing yet to come. There’s not much to report in the PU this week, however we had a great Friday night chat with everyone that came along and we hope to see you all again once the game is stable to play again.

Ausmonauts Member Blogs: macka58

How is everyone this week? Macka58 back to lay the latest news from the last week within the Ausmonauts.

Wednesday night we were battling Server crashes, bugged ships that had no doors, guns or engines. Because of this, there was no game play at all. However, RSI is working on the servers causing crashes and glitches in the PU!

In Arena Commander, Vanduul and Pirate Swarm was down as no ships or character models would spawn, just a floating ghost gun as per picture below:

The regular Friday night event ‘Into the Unknown’ is drumming up interest. For those of you who are interested check out our events page! Last Friday night was a rich with discussions such as, “how many ships can we dock into my Starfarer?” and “Why is my Starfarer on fire?”

Turns out exploding with a bunch of people inside your Starfarer earns you a full stack of CrimeStat. We also found out that all the major bases now have functioning turrets ready to rip any stray pirate stat player into shreds, be careful. We also visited ArcCorp Mining Area 141 for some bike training, however it seems only the buggy’s work on land terrain.

Overall, we had fun, so if you have the time on Friday night, come along and get shot in the face with us!

For my personal count down, we are four weeks away from the expected release of 3.1 and the big dog, the Reclaimer.

Thanks to Flexo and Maverick for their contributions to this post.

Ausmonauts Member Blogs: Lostpinky

For many people, computer or console gaming has become an important part of their world. Each night, they come home from school or work, do any chores, have something to eat and then login… Actually sometimes they login to enjoy the time they eat. When the weekends arrive they have a good amount of time to do that next quest, try that hours-long team event or grind their way to that next bit of equipment.

Then you start to get older, real life kicks in, your time becomes more precious. You miss the days or nights playing your favourite game and laughing with those who you have become friends with online. Partners, kids, work, study all conspire to prevent you from doing the things you love. For some, this is a depressing reality. For others this may be a fate to come.

In an attempt to claw back some of what you lost and stay in contact with those you call friends, you try to find ways to do more small things that don’t involve large amounts of time dedicated in front of your gaming machine of choice.

Then real life kicks you to the curb…

Things at work go wrong, your home life becomes difficult, your exams were horrendous and you just feel you need to escape it all. It is at this time when you turn back to your online world in the hope you find some relief.

That’s when having a stable club like the Ausmonauts becomes important!

Over the years, we have dealt with the loss of those who felt they had nothing. We have survived the mechanisms of those who would destroy the ideals we started with and we were not afraid to walk away knowing that when we returned there would be a place for us to come back to and be welcomed.

As a founding member of this group, I have felt at times that keeping this group together is hard work. It is. It is also one of the best experiences of my life. I now find that the skills I learnt, by being a member of the Ausmonauts, are proving to be useful in my career and day to day life.

This experience is something I hope that everyone can share. Both the good times and the bad. Through all of it, I hope you come out stronger and better equipped for your daily life. If it wasn’t for the people and experiences I have been exposed to in this guild, I don’t think I would have been able to do the things I have done in my off line world.

As you have read this far, I hope you remember, we started off the Ausmonauts with the motto: “Grab a mug of concrete and harden up.” and while we may not say it as much today as we used to, I believe the intent behind those words has remained with us. This is the reason we have fought hard this last year to ensure that this community survives and prospers.

The friendships you can discover and the support you can find, only happen when you are willing to get to understand the people you play with and have the patience and the willingness to keep trying. It is this lesson that will help you throughout everything you do in your life.

Good luck and have fun!

Ausmonauts Member Blogs: macka58

Hello Everyone,

macka58 here to give you the inside news from the Ausmonauts.

We started our Star Citizen Wednesday Night Shoot’em up’s again, however with the issues in Star Marine we have turned it into our training night for those who want to learn the new 3.0 game play mechanics. This means we could be playing any game from Star Marine, Arena Commander to PU and Racing.

We have listened to everyone’s feedback to build up our Friday night player numbers and have a regular night to play with the Ausmonauts and other Organisations. So, we are changing the format of our current Friday Night to a new Friday ‘Into the Unknown’ Night where inter-club competitions are scheduled to start up (you can find details here:, so please come along, have fun and be ready to get shot in the face. Friday Nights will also be a combination of Star Marine, Arena Commander, Universe and Racing. It will be an open night like it used to be!

As one of our new Friday Night features, we will be starting up a “Capture the Base” mode which will be played either on ships or planet side. This game play mode is based off the typical “Capture the Flag” mode which most people are familiar with. There are additional game types we have decided upon as well and they are found in the event calendar.

That’s all from me this time, finally some big thanks go out to Lostpinky for the new web site design.

Ausmonauts Action Report 2018-02-04


Introducing the Ausmonauts Action Report, a regular blog entry to provide members with highlights from within the Ausmonauts and the games we follow.

Star Citizen

We are running a survey of our player base for Star Citizen now that 3.0 is up and running. Please head to and fill out the survey so we can plan out our upcoming events.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.0.1


RSI have released Alpha 3.0.1 to production you can check out the full details by clicking this link. There are a few new features and lots of bug fixes are available in this build.

Ausmonauts Events

Ausmonauts Wednesday Night “Shoot ’em Up” Event.

Our first Wednesday night event for 2018 was a bit all over the place. With apologies for the confusion the Ausmonauts would like to confirm that Wednesday nights will be Star Marine events. We had great fun crashing the Ursa Rovers and attempting to turn them back over with a Constellation. Footage of the night is linked below in the Youtube section.

Ausmonauts Friday Night “Into the Unknown” Event

Additional to the above, a new event for universe will be setup soon. This event will focus on getting members familiar with the Universe and the mechanics of the game. The event will be similar in style to an in game mission but will be predefined by the event runners.


Skyzzy’s Youtube Channel

Ausmonauts very own Skyzzy22 has posted a video of our crazy adventure on Wednesday night. We crashed on Levski and tried really hard to flip Ursa Rovers with Constellation Starships. Check it out below…

Star Trek Online

For the Ausmonauts, this was the game that started it all. Star Trek Online turns 8 years old this week. In celebration the team at Cryptic Studios have posted the following infographic…


…and that’s it for this week. Check back regularly for our latest updates and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Steam via the social icons below.

Social Links

Ausmonauts Action Report 2018-01-28

Introducing the Ausmonauts Action Report, a blog entry that will be published which provides members with highlights from within the Ausmonauts and the games we follow.

We are running a survey of our player base for Star Citizen now that 3.0 is up and running. Please head to and fill out the survey so we can plan out our upcoming events.

Star Wars: The Old Republic


A group of members from various gaming backgrounds have once again returned to Star Wars: The Old Republic and are working through the stories, members have created toons on both the Jedi and Sith sides. If you are interested in joining in, head to Discord chat channel #star-wars.


Astro’s Youtube:

Star Citizen Orbital Markers Voice Attack Profile

Astro has posted a great new video to his Youtube channel, explaining how to setup Voice Attack to navigate Orbital Markers. This reduces the amount of keybinds you need by allowing you to use your voice to control your ship. Check it out below:

Star Citizen: Calling All Devs

The Star Citizen team have posted a new “Calling All Devs” video. The second one in this series. The series takes a bunch of question from the backers and calls the developers directly to get the answers.


Upcoming Events

Star Citizen: Shoot ’em Up!

…and that’s it for this week. Check back regularly for our latest updates and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Steam via the social icons below. latest website update released.

Welcome to our latest website release: 201801.002

In this release we’ve made the following changes…

New Features
– Users can now register and create profiles on the website
– We’ve created a support ticket system if you find any issues, would like to suggest any new features or enhancements. Once Logged In to the site, go to the menu item: Get Support

– New front page slider system allowing for more images and frontpage control.
– The website menu has been updated to split the blog from the Front Page.
– The calendar system has had some minor changes to make it easier to use.

– Emails should now come through properly to Microsoft based accounts.
– Emails are now formatted better to make them easier to read.

If you find an issue please register and raise it via our support system.